Field Where Used
Tracking the usage of a DB field from a file. Revealing every program and every line where used Plus the work fields the data has been moved to. The ability to track the data into the workfields takes cross referencing to the next level.
File Where Used
List of all the programs using a file. Programs using the file for update are highlighted with a red dot. Programs using the file for output are highlighted with a blue dot. The remaining programs use the file for input.
Field Usage for a Program
Drilling down from a file into a program to reveal the database fields used within the scope of the selection criteria (File & Program). Once again the updated fields used for update are highlighted with red dots and the fields used for input are not
Work Field Usage
Drill down deeper into field usage for a program, to reveal work fields associated with a specific Database field. Select any line to position the view in the source browser.
Source Browser
The colour code source view makes it easy to quickly determine program logic at the source level. Positioned at the line selected from previous view. Click any field from to explode it's usage
Variable Where Used
List of every line where selected field is used. To view in source browser, just click on the line you would like to be positioned at.
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