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We Supply Application Understanding Software.

For developers using RPG RPGLE COBOL & SQL on the IBM i (formerly AS/400) computer.
Designed and developed by seasoned experts. Sapphire Analysis is the ultimate cross reference tool

The choices of how to deal with an aging application have not changed much over time. You could replace the entire application with a packed solution. You could rewrite the application from scratch or you could modernizing your existing application. A packaged solution would be the fastests way to go, depending on how many modifications necessary for your specific application. Rewriting from scratch could right decision if you application is woefully inadequate and requires a from the database up renewal. Maintaining and modernizing your existing application protects your investment in the existing application Depending on your definition of modern you will have to make the best decision. At any rate this is a modern documentation solution designed to deal with modern ILE languages. Designed to overcome the shortcomings of documentation tools that have come before Sapphire Analysis. What it does it does extremely well. Never miss a file or field reference. You can depend on the derived data model and use it to add constraints to the database, negating the need to do so in the programs. The extracted business rules, are just what you need to transition from a program centric , to a data centric application.

Sapphire Analysis is the ultimate cross reference tool.

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